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Top Ten Animal Web Games

The digital era keeps surprising everyone with unexpected shifts, trends, and developments. is a website where you will find three top ten list: this months most popular animal games, last months most popular animal games and all time most popular animal games. You might look a the lists and become surprised or maybe this was exactly what you expected? As you study these lists you might even find some new animal web games you want to try to play.

People Enjoy to Play All Kinds of Animal Games

Dogs, Bears and Penguins are all animal game categories that have made it to our top 10 lists. Seems like every month there are some changes so that probaly indicates that people like to play different kinds of web games. It also mean that we have website full of great animal games making it hard for people to choose which one they like the best. Dog Puzzle, Polar Fall, Pubby Blast, Combat Penguin and Happy Doggy Memory are some of our most popular titles enjoyed by our visitors. As days go by things usually change and maybe one day our top 10 list will be dominated by animal games from other genres such as cats, dogs, horses, sheep or turtles.

Top 10 Lists are Very Addictive

Nearly everyone loves top 10 lists and they are commonly used in everyday life. Sometimes the list might be for a topic in school, where the teacher wants to compile key information for a test. It might be a list of the Top 10 Restaurants in the area that you are visiting. Whatever the reason for looking at the list in the first place, there are reasons why a list is more appealing than an essay, or other such mediums. Some of these reasons have physical relevance (such as having to read up on a topic in the 5 minutes before leaving the house) and others are phycological reasons why a list is more appealing to the human brain than a lesson, lecture or long-winded essay. When you only have a short time in which to find information, lists are really helpful because although they may contain a lot of information, the key information is short and concise, meaning that to find the essential information, you only need to skim read the points. The human brain instinctively wants the easiest and most efficient way to complete action. The finding and learning of information is one of such actions. A list (particularly numbered ones like Top 10 lists) is a very efficient method, and therefore an environment which is comfortable and somewhat more enjoyable than others.