Horse Jumping Show 3D Game

Horse Jumping Show 3D Game

Horse Jumping Show 3D Game - Play Free Fun Horse Web Games

Show jumping is a sport that is loved all over the world. Whenever there is a horse event, whether it is dressage or cross country racing, there must be some show jumping to entertain the guests. This is a free online horse game that is dedicated to the sport. Nothing is better then riding a horse. Horse Jumping Show 3D is a horse running games which require you to ride horse on the given track and cross obstacles by jumping. This game is designed to introduce you the beauty of horse riding and to fulfill your riding passion. So just play our new riding game and get yourself ready for amazing and challenging game horse ride Horse Jumping Show 3D.

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How to Play Horse Jumping Show 3D Game

Use WASD keys to steer your horse. Spacebar is used for jumping. The number keys 1 through 3 is used for changing speed. The F key must be pressed to saddle the horse.

Jump a series of Barriers within a Certain Time

Taking part in show jumping is exciting. As the rider, you feel in control of one of the most amazing animals known to man. Horses are powerful animals, and it is amazing to see how well they respond to their human riders. When you take a horse through a course and not make a mistake, you feel proud of the animal. Go to one of the shows and be amazed at the controlled power that these animals have. Usually, there are blunders and this is what makes the difference between the competitors. A horse may get jittery at an obstacle and refuse to jump, and the rider has to coax him back so they can make it together. This relationship is awesome; how a powerful horse can listen to the whispers of his rider and suddenly get the courage to attempt what he could not do before. This is a flash game that brings you the same excitement to your living room. You are now in charge of a powerful horse and you have to make him jump over obstacles. See how good you can be as a show jumping rider; will you be a champion, or will you be the rider who is always getting disqualified for running into the barriers?

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