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A few facts about Penguin games

Play penguin free online games. We collected on this page the best html5 games with penguins, tested by us, just to be sure that you'll find here only beautiful and interesting games. We love penguins, they are so funny and many kids loves them, and for this reason we created this category.

Some Fun Facts About Penguins

According to Scientists, penguins evolved from flying birds approximately 60 million years ago. As their ancestors acclimatised to deep-sea environments, physical alterations for swimming and diving meant that they lost their ability to fly. Penguins have black and white feathers and waddle about everywhere, which most of us find amusing. They tend to spend the majority of their time in the water looking for food. They have a tendency to dive as well as flap their little wings when they're in the sea, which is deceiving and makes it look like they are flying. Penguins have a body shape that appears like a torpedo. It has been designed to allow them to swim efficiently, which they do at around fifteen miles per hour on average.