Crowd Farm Game

Crowd Farm Game

Crowd Farm Game Online - Play Free Fun Sheep Web Games

You've been naughty at the farm again. It looks like a quiet little sheep! He was actually a naughty boy. Take your boys all over the farm and collect more samples. Or occupy other small animals with the superiority of numbers! Look! Angry farmers! Have fun!

10,585 play times

How to Play Crowd Farm Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to drag to play.

Fun Sheep Herding Facts

According to sheep herders would trail their flocks of 1,000 to 2,000 sheep to an area where there would be adequate water and grass, and preferably some shade. Depending on the type of operation, a sheepherder might also lead his sheep to lower-altitude grazing lands in the autumn, spring, and Young sheepherding dogeven winter months. One herder (usually on horseback) and a good dog is what it takes to manage a band of sheep this size. The well trained herding dog looks over the flock and prevents predators like coyotes from attacking.

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