Dog Rush Game

Dog Rush Game

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5 different dogs in dog rush enjoy. Connect and match the same type of dogs and find the end of the leash corresponding to the dog that was chosen at the beginning of the round in Dog Rush, pull it from the messy entanglement, and win a treat for your furry friend!

10,710 play times

How to Play Dog Rush Game

Simple drag and drop controls.

How do dogs escape?

The great canine escape can involve a many number of techniques including, jumping or climbing a fence. Some dogs are able to dig under the fence, while others can chew through it. Some canine escape artists get out of the yard by pulling free of their chain or leash, while others seem to get away in ways unknown to their owner. To prevent escapes, dog owners need to figure out why their dog wants to leave? Is it because the dog is bored, hungry or scared? Maybe your pup is trying to escape just because he is curious. Whatever the reason, to keep your dog safe, the great dog escape needs to be stopped because once he is chased, he will always want to run.

Puppy Dogs like to Sleep

Most dogs sleep between 12 and 18 hours per day, but not the dog in this free and fun dog game. Being brisk, clever, and lively are results of playing, so play for free to keep you and your puppy dog in the yard. Because of the concentration of movement that this web game requires, you may find yourself physically and mentally alert after playing Dog Rush online. Your dog may be so tired that he just curls up and sticks around.