Squirrel Cheese Game

Squirrel Cheese Game

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Listen up, folks! We've got a hangry squirrel on our hands, and he's got his sights set on some cheesy goodness! It's a 'cheese or bust' situation here, and you're the designated cheese courier. Smash those breakable objects like a squirrel-sized wrecking ball on a mission! Let the cheese rain down into the paws of our nutty friend, because trust me, a squirrel with cheese is a squirrel with a grin as wide as a walnut! And hey, don't forget about those strawberries – they're like squirrel currency for bonus points! So, gather 'em up like a squirrel at a strawberry buffet. Get ready for a cheesy, smashing, strawberry-fueled adventure that'll leave you saying, 'Did I just become best buddies with a cheese-crazed squirrel?' Let's roll, cheese enthusiasts!

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How to Play Squirrel Cheese Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to play. Let the cheese arrive to the mouse , breaking objects to move it. Get the strawberries to get points. If you're stuck, try breaking more objects. Try to complete each level to earn some bonus points. For each taken strawberry you'll multiply your score. Remember you can take up to 3 strawberries in each level.