Rescue the Squirrel Game

Rescue the Squirrel Game

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Prepare for an exhilarating escapade with 'Rescue the Squirrel,' a captivating point-and-click extravaganza brought to life by the ingenious creators at 8B Games/Games2mad. Transport yourself deep into the heart of a lush and mysterious forest, driven by the pursuit of knowledge. Amidst your quest, a heart-rending discovery awaits – a spirited squirrel ensnared within a cunningly crafted cage, a prisoner of the very habitat it calls home. As you navigate this enchanting woodland realm, prepare to unlock a realm of captivating enigmas that guard the secrets to liberation. Unleash your wit and uncover concealed treasures that hold the key to the squirrel's salvation. Embark on an odyssey that promises not only to free a trapped creature but to also release the thrill of unraveling puzzles that lie in wait, ready to challenge your intellect and enthrall your senses. Have fun!

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How to Play Rescue the Squirrel Game

Mouse or tap the screen to interact.

Rescue the Squirrel Game Walkthrough: