Going Nuts Game

Going Nuts Game

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Going Nuts is a html5 physics game. This cute squirrel is starving. Feed him with acorns and nuts and then drop him into the richest basket to make him happy. Have fun!

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How to Play Going Nuts Game

Use your mouse or finger on touch screen devices. Move your squirrel on the left or right of the screen. Then drop it to collect as many points and acorns to reach the target.

Why do Squirrels Love Nuts

According to about-squirrels.com when it comes to squirrels, there are a lot of things that these little critters will eat that make gardeners hate them. Not only are squirrels one of the most hated creatures in the rodent family because of their diet but they are also one of the cutest looking rodents. Squirrels live in trees and nuts are found in trees. The main diet of squirrels is: nuts, seeds, fruits, lichens, buds, mushrooms, roots, pine cones, leaves, twigs, bark, black walnuts, oranges, avocados, apples, apricots. One of their favorite foods are nuts, because they are easy to store for the winter and they also taste very yummy to them. Apples and oranges goes bad after a while, but nuts will last several months for a squirrel before going bad. You would be surprised to know how much animals know about storing food.