Sheep Road Danger Game

Sheep Road Danger Game

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Help small defenseless sheep find their way back home. They are completely lost among all these roads and intersections. But they are not alone on their journey, wolves are waiting to devour them. Protect all the sheep by managing their moves. If a sheep is devoured the game is over. The sheep community thanks you for your help. Have fun!

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How to Play Sheep Road Danger Game

Use the left mouse button to open gates. Organize the moves of the sheep to avoid the wolves. Watch out; after a few seconds of waiting, the sheep get impatient and move by themselves.

Fun Things to Know about Sheep

According to sheep were domesticated 10000 years ago in Central Asia. There are over a billion domesticated sheep in the world. The oldest organized industry is raising sheep. Over 40 breeds of sheep are there in US alone, and approximately 900 different breeds are found around the world.