Sheep Party Game

Sheep Party Game

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It's a free arcade game, easy to play, with HD graphics for 1 to 4 players. That's right: 4 players on the same screen. It's so much fun. You are a sheep. A very cute sheep. There are 3 other cute sheep like you. The wolf, as in any story with sheep turns his muzzle and you must jump over it or block it. If you block it at the right time, it will go in the other direction. If you jump at the right time, it will continue until another sheep makes a move. Have fun!

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How to Play Sheep Party Game

Up to 4 players on the same screen (CPU players available). Each player has it's own screen corner, with 2 buttons, : one to jump over the iron wolf; the other to hit the iron wolf with the sheep's horn (reverse the iron wolf rotation).

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