Shark World Game

Shark World Game

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Welcome to Shark World where you can have different ocean shark species, build underwater home, and build your underwater shark world. Explore the mysterious world of underwater animals. Enjoy a wide range of exciting sharks. Collect exciting sea sharks like hammerhead shark, Angel sharks and prehistoric ones like Megalodon. Feed, breed and Battle with your sea monsters. Have fun!

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How to Play Shark World Game

Simply use the directional keys to move around the water and complete the various tasks given to you. There are new tricks you can do on each level. The crowd will cheer and throw more money at you the better you perform tricks. Be a good shark and do your tricks well to get the maximum reward for each level. After a long day impressing humans with your deadly tricks, you can use your money to buy new sharks and other strange sea beasts.

Shark World Game Walkthrough: