Penguin Run 3D Game

Penguin Run 3D Game

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The age of the Penguin Race has arrived! It is up to you to run through the ice cold arctic and avoid the obstacles in an amazing adventure! Join the club of gamers that chase the elusive High Score using Google Play Game Services and become the record - breaker for this game! Dash past the ice obstacles and attack the ice giants with the Laser in this amazing polar environment. Have fun!

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How to Play Penguin Run 3D Game

Use the arrows to move. Space to shoot.

What do Penguins do in the Winter?

According to during the harsh winter months penguins stay near the outer edges of the pack ice where temperatures are slightly warmer. The breeding season for Emperors begins at the start of the Antarctic winter which is in late March. As winter approaches, Emperors actually move inland to their traditional colonies and begin pairing.