Penguin Dive Game

Penguin Dive Game

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Are you ready to get soaking wet? Dive deep into the ocean and explore the underwater world! Hunt as many Fishes as possible. Make sure to avoid the dangerous Jellyfishes! Try to keep up with the increasing pace. Life under the sea level has never been so close. Start exploring now! You’ll discover beautiful locations and get a fabulous reward. Upgrade your Pick-ups to get more advantage on your next journey. Have fun!

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How to Play Penguin Dive Game

Mobile: Slide left and right to move. PC: Press Left Arrow/A and Right Arrow/D Keys to move. Help your new friend to have a nice lunch. Hunt as many fishes as you’ll see on your path. Stay focused as not all of them are edible. Avoid the dangerous poisonous Jellyfish! When you clash with it, you get burnt and lose health. There are also power-ups on your way. Collect them as they bring superabilities.