Drift Ice Line Connect Game

Drift Ice Line Connect Game

Drift Ice Line Connect Game Online - Play Free Fun Penguin Web Games

Hi! I'm Pengu, help me to connect all the platforms. The object of the game is simple: We need to connect all the platforms with a single loop. Can you help me get through these levels? A few tips! First, each ice can only be used once! Next, all-around can think through. Have fun!

10,500 play times

How to Play Drift Ice Line Connect Game

WASD or arrow keys to play.

Cold and Icy Places on Earth

These days you mostly hear about global warming and how warm it is every but, the fact of the matter is that a lot of our earth is very icy. Some of these places, especially those with glaciers or those close to our polar regions stays icy and cold year round. According to wonderslist.com the world is full of extreme climates that make it difficult for human habitation. Eismitte (means Ice-Center in German is on the interior Arctic side of Greenland, it has ice everywhere and therefore it is rightfully called Mid-Ice or Center-Ice. The coldest temperature recorded here was -85° F. With an extreme subarctic climate, Oymyakon is known as one of the candidates for the Northern Pole of Cold, the other being the Verkhoyansk. The ground there is permanently frozen. In 1924 a temperature of -96° F was measured. Vostok Station is a Russian Antarctic research station. This station is at the southern Pole of Cold. The coldest month in Vostok is August where the the lowest reliably measured natural temperature on Earth is −129° F.

Fun Facts About Penguins

Penguins are some of the most recognizable and beloved birds in the world, often found in Zoos, aquariums and marine parks worldwide. They are also some of the most unique and amazing birds because of their physical adaptations to survive in unusual climates and to live mostly at sea. Penguins are primarily found only in the Southern Hemisphere. While most people associate penguins with Antarctica, they are much more widespread and penguin populations can also be found in South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, as well as many small islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. Penguins lost the ability to fly millions of years ago, but their powerful flippers and streamlined bodies make them very accomplished swimmers. Another fun fact is that while swimming, penguins will leap in shallow arcs above the surface of the water, a practice called porpoising. Penguins are highly social, colonial birds that form breeding colonies numbering in the tens of thousands. They may use the same nesting grounds for thousands of years and the largest colonies can number in the millions. Depending on the species, a wild penguin can live 15-20 years. During that time, they spend up to 75 percent of their lives at sea.