Pandjohng Solitaire Game

Pandjohng Solitaire Game

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Embark on an exhilarating odyssey through a staggering array of 80 dynamic levels, each concealing the key to liberating not one, not ten, but a resplendent multitude of 80 pandas! Your path to triumph is illuminated by the shimmering allure of jokers and bonuses, ingenious tools that bestow upon you the power to unravel complexity with graceful simplicity. But hold on – the thrill is taken up a notch with an array of jokers tailored for every suit, unveiling a new dimension of strategic mastery. Yet, the excitement doesn't stop there. As your fingertips dance upon the screen, each tap upon a panda becomes a note in a crescendo of exhilaration, rewarding you not just with points, but with the resounding boom of a strike bonus. As you navigate this riveting landscape, remember – each level surmounted, each panda freed, is a triumph etched into the annals of your epic journey. So brace yourself, adventurer, for a symphony of challenges and rewards that promises nothing short of a captivating euphoria/ Have fun!

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How to Play Pandjohng Solitaire Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to interact.

Science Behind Why Pandas Are So Cute

Looking at a Panda you probably feel running up and hugging it. Neuroscientists speculate that their snub noses, generous cheeks and toddling gaits may excite circuitry in our brains normally related to interactions with human infants. Likewise, babies have supersized eyes, and the pandas black patches make their eyes appear larger by a factor of ten. Pandas are also one of the only animals to have a pseudo-thumb, a flexible wrist bone that allows them to manipulate objects in a cunning manner. Pandas are a one of kind animal and they are very big. Lots of people love pandas.

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