Kong Hero Game

Kong Hero Game

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Join Kong Hero on an exhilarating quest to snatch up a treasure trove of shimmering coins! Beware, for a myriad of perilous challenges lurk in every corner, ready to test your daring. Embark on this pulse-pounding adventure, where juicy fruits dangle tantalizingly, tempting you to seize their succulent sweetness. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary odyssey, a symphony of excitement and amusement harmonizing into a unique and unforgettable gaming experience. Have fun!

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How to Play Kong Hero Game

Use AD or left/right arrows to move. Spacebar or Up arrow to jump. X key to attack and F key to throw stuff.

The Intelligent Monkey - Why are Monkeys so smart?

Their innate curiosity leads them to try new things, but it is the passing of information from one generation to the next that teaches them much of what they know. Their young learn by reaching out with their hands to experience the world around them, grasping new objects, slowly piecing together an understanding of their society. They learn from their families how to find food, communicate, recognize kin, even use tools, medicine, and language. Monkeys are extremely smart, especially chimpanzees and orangutans. Monkeys are one of the few animal species that use tools to get jobs done. They will use sticks and branches to pick up stuff and rocks to smash things.

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