Crazy Alien Dog Game

Crazy Alien Dog Game

Crazy Alien Dog Game Online - Play Free Fun Dog Web Games

Check out what the hype is all about. Crazy Alien Dog features fun game-play. It also features a shop system to buy items clothes. This dog game will fall into the Endless runner category, and theme is Jungle and Farm. Have fun!

10,889 play times

How to Play Crazy Alien Dog Game

Use space or up arrow key to jump. Right arrow key for a boost. Down arrow key to jump down.

Play Crazy Alien Dog and Find yourself Physically and Mentally Alert

Most dogs sleep between 12 and 18 hours per day, but not the dogs from outer space in this free and fun online browser game. The pace and excitement of the game keep the dog alert. Being brisk, clever, and lively are results of playing, so play for free to keep you and your dog keen. Because of the concentration of movement that this web game requires, you may find yourself physically and mentally alert after playing Crazy Alien Dog game online.