Extreme Kitten Game

Extreme Kitten Game

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Get ready for the adrenaline-pumping frenzy of Extreme Kitten! Brace yourself as you catapult, dive, drift, and bounce the most outrageously adorable kitten into the annals of history! Take this feline daredevil to new heights and set the skies ablaze with stardom as you earn those elusive stars! But the fun doesn't stop there; rev up your abilities and unlock mind-blowing upgrades to soar to even greater distances, leaving a trail of amazement in your wake! The quest for greatness has just begun - strap in, hold tight, and let the extreme escapades commence!

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How to Play Extreme Kitten Game

Click with the mouse or touch the screen to pounce on objects while in the air to travel further.

What are the Symptoms of a Rabid Kitten?

There are actually 2 stages of rabies that can occur following the early symptoms of the infection, and those are furious and/or paralytic. In the paralytic stage, the kitten may be very weak or dizzy acting before becoming completely paralyzed. The Furious stage, which is more a character of the Extreme Kitten game, there are extreme changes in behavior, including combative and destructive fighting, with hostile attacks. This is the scariest part of the disease for humans who can easily be bitten and become infected themselves by this fast moving and fatal virus if they are not aware that the cat is sick at first. Rabies can be confused with other reasons that cause aggressive behavior, and figuring out the cause may be all but too fun. Please help to prevent this disease from happening to you and others by always playing the up to date vaccination game and keeping your pets records current.