Wild Bear Hunting Game

Wild Bear Hunting Game

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Hunting at it's absolute best. This addictive free online game gives you a taste of the African savanna and the real jungle life. Jungle is filled with wild animals and you will have to hunt animals and show your skills and power. Be a wild beast and feed your hungry nature. In this brilliant wildlife simulator game, some wild animals might resist on your attack and pounce on you, so beware and go for the kill. This web game features a real world hunters experience. You get to hunt, fight with animals and complete quests. Have fun!

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How to Play Wild Bear Hunting Game

Control the shooter with keyboard arrows.

Fun Bear Hunting Facts

There are many fun and interesting facts about bear hunting. Despite divided opinion about the political correctness of bear hunting, it is something every hunter should try at least once. Black bears can be hunted in the spring or fall. Each state and province has specific regulations dictating when and how bears can be hunted. When hunting black bear, consider food source. Focus on areas with a sufficient forage base. There should be water nearby along with good cover. Bears leave tracks. A great place to look for these is in the wet sand and soil along shorelines of rivers, streams and lakes. A variety of strategies and techniques are proven effective in pursuing spring black bears. Whether floating down a river, walking cut-lines, spot and stalk hunting, baiting or calling, black bears are very huntable. As a rule, black bears want no more to do with you than Superman does with kryptonite. The fact is, it's important to treat them with due respect, be aware they possess immense strength and are able to cause considerable damage.