Kick the Teddy Bear Game

Kick the Teddy Bear Game

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Do you have a couple minutes on hand, then this is the web game you are looking for. Kick The Teddy Bear is a fun anti-stress game where you get to kick a teddy bear. You can buy a multitude of weapons to use them against the puppet. Play Kick the Teddy Bear now for endless fun!

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Odd Looking Teddy Bears

Stuffed animals are one of those nostalgic types of toys that children most often have fond memories of, but some teddy bears are just odd and strange. Some of these are old, and might even look scary for someo of today's kids. But, not only old teddy bears are weird, companies still make strange teddy bears these days. These are not the kind of teddy bears you normally find in the shopping mall which feature adorable smiles and soft and cuddly fur. The odd bizarrely designed bears are rather targeted towards adults who have a fascination with eerie and violently-inspired products.