Idle Ants Game

Idle Ants Game

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To become the best ant king, ants are the true masters of the underground and organized and structured life. Command your growing ant colony to be like a god and let them devour other bugs, eggs, exotic food, airplanes, and everything! Let your army destroy everything in front of you and make money. Have fun!

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What is an ant

An ant is a small insect, often with a sting, that usually lives in a complex social colony with one or more breeding queens. Ants form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organised colonies that may occupy large territories and consist of millions of individuals. It is wingless except for fertile adults, which often form large mating swarms, and is proverbial for industriousness.

How to fall in love with ants

Many plants grow a thick coat around their seeds which releases fragrant odors that lure the ants, which then carry the seed into their nest. There the ants gnaw away at the seed's coating but spare the seed itself. The ants then carry the shucked seed back out to the forest floor, where it germinates. The ant act like a gardener, caring for the plants. Remove ants from a forest, and its populations of wildflowers will shrink. This is one of the many reasons why we all should show some ant love.

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