Zoo Parking

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Zoo Parking Game Online - Play Free Fun Animal Web Games

Zoo parking is the best of two worlds. It's an animal game and a car parking game. Transport the exotic animals to the Vet for checkups. The zoo lanes are narrow and driving with a trailer on them is not a easy task. Have fun!

Play Zoo Parking game online for free today

Do you like to visit the Zoo, and do you also enjoy to play a cool web game for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Zoo Parking game online.

How to play the free Zoo Parking game online

Use the up and down arrow keys to drive, and ctrl to attach the trailer or load the animal.

Parking Problems at the Zoo

Have you ever been to the Zoo and had a hard time finding a parking spot? At some Zoo's parking seems to be huge problems while other's never run out parking spots, unless it is special event at Zoo attracting more than usual visitors. According to TripAdvisor.com the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is well-known for its horrible parking conditions. If you visit her you could expect huge line of cars outside the Zoo, and a completely over-parked parking lot. You can expect the same thing to happen at the San Diego Zoo, and the Detroit Zoo. In Detroit they even experience parking lot violence where people are getting shot out, so probably not a good place to bring your kids. While other establishments such as the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona, and the Red River Zoo in Fargo, North Dakota never have had any parking issues.

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