Zoo Island

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Zoo Island Game Online - Play Free Fun Animal Web Games

The whole island is the Zoo, and you take the role of Lew the blue lion. Your task is to help Lew the blue lion rescue his animal friends. In a habitat full of animals, it's no surprise that the lion has to take charge and be the alpha male. Explore, talk, collect, and trade with others to solve the puzzle in this adorable adventure game. Have fun!

How to play the free Zoo Island game online

Use arrow keys for movement, spacebar to open inventory, X key to go back, and Z to talk to others.

The first Zoo

Zoo is short for zoological park or zoological garden, and also called a menagerie. It is a facility in which animals are confined within enclosures, displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred. The abbreviation "zoo" was first used of the London Zoological Gardens, which opened for scientific study in 1828 and to the public in 1847. The number of major animal collections open to the public around the world now exceeds 1,000, around 80 percent of them in cities. The predecessor of the zoological garden is the menagerie, which has a long history from the ancient world to modern times. The oldest known zoological collection was revealed during excavations at Hierakonpolis, Egypt in 2009, of a ca. 3500 B.C. menagerie. The exotic animals included hippos, elephants, baboons and wildcats.

Play Zoo Island game online for free today

Do you like to visit the Zoo, and do you also enjoy to play an animal web game for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Zoo Island game online.

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