Turtle Defense

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Turtle Defense Game Online - Play Free Tower Defense Web Games

Thir turtle themed tower defense game is one of our most popular turtle games on our website. Your task ist to help the turtles to defend their land from other creatures trying to invade. Strategically place your towers at the correct spot and save money for better upgrades to beat the waves of invaders. Have fun!

How to Play: Turtle Defense - Navigation and Keyboard Legends

Navigate the area with WASD or click the minimap on the left corner screen or put mouse cursor around the corner. Use spacebar to cancel built defender, and H key to toggle enemy HP view.

How to Play: Turtle Defense - Panel Explanation

Click your defender to view status menu, her you can upgrade, sell and equip element. Each element you equip have different effect and the effect is increasing according to your level. All effect combination can be viewed in combine list in pause menu, but first defender cannot make element combination because it's only has one slot. All equipped element can't be removed, but if you sell the defender, all equipped elements will be returned to your stock.

What sets Turtles apart from every other animal under the sun

Turtles are egg-laying, scaly reptiles with oval-shaped hard shells. They lumber around incredibly slowly and have wrinkly, bald heads that make them look like wise old men. They also have a signature ability to retract their heads inside their shells when they're frightened. But believe it or not, this isn't all here are few amazing facts about them. Their shell is a part of their body, and contrary to what you may have seen in animated cartoons, a turle can't take off its shell and crawl out of it.

Fun Facts about Tower Defense Games

According to PuzzleWebGames.com Tower defense is a popular sub-genre of real-time strategy games. The goal of tower defense games is to try to stop enemies from crossing a map by building traps to slow them down and towers which shoot at them as they pass. The choice and positioning of the personal towers is the essential strategy of the game. Some games use a static route that the enemy units follow around which the player places their towers, while others favor a free-form environment that allows the user to define the path the enemy units take. Others use a mix of both. If you like turtles and also enjoy to play tower defense games then you would love our online Turtle Defense game.

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