Miss. Munch Funny Jump

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Miss Munch Game Online - Play Free Funny Squirrel Jump Games

Use mouse click to make your munch jump the first time. Use your mouse movements to guide the munch. Jump on the nuts to travel higher and get more points! After you fall, you have the option to Play Again. Jump on the special nut for extra points! Press the Space Bar during the game to pause. Have fun!

Play Miss. Munch Funny Jump game online for free today

Do you like squirrels, and do you also enjoy to play a cool web game for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Miss. Munch Funny Jump game online.

How to play the free Miss. Munch Funny Jump game online

Use your mouse to jump.

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It is Good for You to be a Munch

According to AnimalGames247.com contrary to many belives being a munch may make you happy. The term munch has a very negative connotation in our society. Our immediate reaction to the word is that it's a bad thing, something to be eradicated and fixed. The continuous and often audible action of munching is actually really good for your jaw, eventhough others listening to you eating might fell annoyed. But, don't worry they deserve to be a little annoyed.

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