Golden Squirrel

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Golden Squirrel Game Online - Play Free Squirrel Web Games

New free online brilliant zuma style match 3 game by This marvelous squirrel knows nothing about nuts but she likes to eat gems, because of that its fur became golden. Shoot the multicolor gems at the moving line and delete three gems of the same color. Have fun!

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Do you like squirrels, and do you also enjoy to play free Zuma games online for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Golden Squirrel game online.

How to play the free Golden Squirrel game online

Use your mouse to play this web game.

Fun Facts about the Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel

According to Wikipedia the golden-mantled ground squirrel is a ground squirrel found in mountainous areas of western North America. It is abundant throughout its range and is equally at home in a wide variety of forest habitats, as well as rocky meadows, and even sagebrush flats. A typical adult ranges from 9 to 12 inches in length. The golden-mantled ground squirrel can be identified by its chipmunk-like stripes and coloration, but unlike a chipmunk, it lacks any facial stripes. The golden-mantled ground squirrel is similar to a chipmunk in more than just its appearance. Although it is a traditional hibernator, building up its body fat to survive the winter asleep, it is also known to store some food in its burrow, like the chipmunk, for consumption upon waking in the spring.

What colors do squirrels see?

Research suggests, that the squirrel has "dichromatic" color vision, and therefore can see in color. Howeber they cannot distinguish between red and green. This would compare to a Human, that has "red-green" color blindness. Additionally ground and tree squirrels have yellow-tinted lenses that act like sun glasses in bright light. Flying squirrels do not have tinted lenses because they are primarily nocturnal. However, squirrels rely more on their exceptional focusing ability than color distinctions to avoid predators. Their vision allows simultaneous, sharp forward vision and peripheral vision. This means they can clearly see what's in front of them and to the side, above or below them at the same time.

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