Hungry Spider

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Hungry Spider Game Online - Play Free Fun Spiders Web Games

Here is a cute little fruit eating spider. She is very hungry, and you need to help her eat some fruit because she is hungry now. In this fun web game you also need to stay away from the black mushrooms, because they are poisonous. Use the arrow keys to move around, as you gets further more mushrooms will appear making it harder. Have fun!

Play Hungry Spider game online for free today

Do you like spiders, and do you also enjoy to play a addicting web game for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Hungry Spider game online.

How to play the free Hungry Spider game online

Use your arrow keys play this free online game. Eat the fruits.

What does a Spider's Diet Consist off

Virtually all spiders are predatory on other animals, especially insects and other spiders. According to very large spiders are capable of preying on small vertebrate animals such as lizards, frogs, fish, tadpoles, or even small snakes or baby rodents. Their usual food is insects and other spiders but some of the larger species have been seen to eat other small animals such as millipedes, wood lice (slaters), and even small lizards, frogs, and birds. Mosquitoes, flies, moths and any arthropod stuck in the web.

The surprising cause of most spider bites

Most spiders can't bite humans, and of those that can, are only going to do so if they are trapped against the skin, smacked against the skin, or provoked otherwise. Spiders tend to avoid people, and have no reason to bite humans because they aren't bloodsuckers and don't feed on humans. When spider bites do happen, they tend to occur because the eight-legged beasts are surprised for example when a person reaches into a glove, shoe or nook that they are occupying at the moment. The vast majority of "spider bites" are caused by something else, research shows. One study Vetter cited found that of 182 Southern California patients seeking treatment for spider bites, only 3.8 percent had actual spider bites, while 85.7 percent had infections. Only about a dozen of the approximately 40,000 spider species worldwide can cause serious harm to the average healthy adult human. In North America, there are only two groups of spiders that are medically important: the widow group (which includes black widows) and the recluse group (brown recluses). These spiders do bite people, and if they live in your area, you should know what they look like.

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