Treasure Dive Game

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Travel to the ocean floor to collect your treasure. Type carefully and you will collect all of the treasure buried at sea. When sharks appear, type the words displayed on them. If a shark gets by you, it will be game over. You will earn more points by choosing a higher typing level. Have Fun!

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How to play Treasure Dive game online

Use your entire keyboard to play this free web game.

Treasure Diving is Very Dangerous

But, can also be quite rewarding. Dangerous deep-water dives sometimes bring up diamond rings, watches and gold coins from a sunken luxury liners, but not most of the time. So, is it worth it? Strong tidal currents, cold water, sharks, unsafe ship wrecks are all very dangerous hazards for deep divers. These thrill seeking people often put their life on the line in search for a treasure from the the bottom of the ocean.

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