Shark Dash Game

Shark Dash Game

Shark Dash Game Online - Play Free Fun Shark Web Games

A shark themed match game. Tap to aim at the same colors marine animals and match three same colors marine animals to pop and drop your ways to victory. Challenge yourself for high scores. Have fun!

11,130 play times

How to Play Shark Dash Game

Use your mouse to move and shoot.

Shark Attacks in San Francisco Bay

Have the recent news of shark attacks around the country or the increase in shark sightings made you worried about going swimming at the beach? It is a very low risk of being attack, and if you get attacked, most sharks will just nibble a little bit and then leave. Did you know that only one person have died of a shark attack in San Francisco bay? Well, it was a 18 year old boy swimming in 1959. Actually most of the shark attacks in San Francisco happens on land, at the Steinhart Aquarium. There are always some idiots not following the rules.