Hammer Pig

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Hammer Pig Game Online - Play Free Hammer Pig Web Games

Hammer Pig is a free online game based upon the well-known childhood game, "Whac-A-Mole". Instead of a mole your task here is to whack the pig. Pigs are popping up randomly in nine wholes, and you get ten points for each pig you whack on the head. Do you have it takes to master this silly online pig game? Get ready for hammer time!

How to play the free Hammer Pig game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

What is the Whac-A-Mole Game All About

According to WikiPedia Whac-A-Mole is a popular arcade redemption game invented in 1976 by Aaron Fechter of Creative Engineering, Inc. A typical Whac-A-Mole machine consists of a large, waist-level cabinet with five holes in its top and a large, soft, black mallet. Each hole contains a single plastic mole and the machinery necessary to move it up and down. Once the game starts, the moles will begin to pop up from their holes at random. The object of the game is to force the individual moles back into their holes by hitting them directly on the head with the mallet, thereby adding to the player's score. The quicker this is done the higher the final score will be.

Fun Hammer Facts for Kids

According to WikiPedia a hammer is a tool or device that delivers a blow to an object. Most hammers are hand tools used to drive nails, fit parts, forge metal, and break apart objects. Hammers vary in shape, size, and structure, depending on their purposes. Hammers are basic tools in many trades. The usual features are a head and a handle. Some specialized hammers have other names, such as sledgehammer, mallet, and gavel.

Play Hammer Pig game online for free today

Do you like pigs, and do you also like to play an internet game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Hammer Pig game online.

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