Mad Monkey

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Mad Monkey Game Online - Play Free Angry Monkey Web Game

On a deserted island, you are stranded with a very large ape who guards the islands only editable food, coconuts. Catch coconuts to survive. Have fun!

How to play the free Mad Monkey game online

Use the mouse to catch coconuts. Click on the ape to irritate him and make him jump. Survive as long as you can.

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Why it is Fun to Play Monkey Games

According to the only thing more fun than watching monkeys is playing monkey games online. Every day thosands of gamers from all over the world turn to website for free monkey entertainment. Kids love to play free games with all kinds of animals. Monkeys are particularly fun to play with because there is such a wide variety of monkey challenges available. If you are looking for some animal action in the jungle, then you'll feel right at home with free online monkey games.

Play Mad Monkey game online for free today

Do you think monkeys are fun, and do you also like to play a free web game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Mad Monkey game online.

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