Super Monkey Legend Game

Super Monkey Legend Game

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In Super Monkey Legend your task is to run and jump around the levels getting all the coins you can. You can use coins to buy new characters weapons or clothing for the characters. Fight with the different enemies and kill them. Mount in foxes, flying bugs and wild pigs and go far with them. The levels are divided by islands and you will have to find in each of them the three stars necessary to overcome it perfectly. Those stars will help you unlock new islands. How far can you get? Have fun!

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How to Play Super Monkey Legend Game

Use your arrows, space and the X key to play this free online game.

Many Super Fun Monkey Facts for Kids

According to Science Kids and there are many fun monkey facts for kids. Did you know that there are currently 264 known monkey species? They are separated into two major categories: New World and Old World. The New World monkeys live in the Americas, while Old World monkeys live in Asia and Africa. One difference between the two categories is that Old World monkeys don't have prehensile tails; New World monkeys do. Old World monkeys have special pouches in their cheek where they can store food. Old World monkeys have rump pads, but New World monkeys do not. Also, Old World monkeys' nostrils are small and curved and set close together; most New World monkeys have round nostrils set far apart. Some monkeys live on the ground, while others live in trees. In general, monkeys are regarded as intelligent animals. The main food of monkeys is fruit and other plant food, insects and other small creatures, and birds' eggs.