Iberian Wolf

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Iberian Wolf Jigsaw Puzzle Online - Play Free Iberian Wolf Game

Play Iberian wolf jigsaw puzzle. Put together the pieces. Complete puzzle and be happy. Have fun!

Play Iberian Wolf game online for free today

Do you enjoy to solve jigsaw puzzles, and do you also like to play puzzle games online? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Iberian Wolf puzzle online.

How to play the free Iberian Wolf game online

Use your mouse to move and place the pieces.

The Iberian Wolf is on the endangered species list in Spain

This wild animal is on the endangered species list in Spain where in the 1970's is was considered a nuisance and viscously hunted for a bounty. When their population fell to between 400-500 animals, only then did it become precious. Close relatives of the Iberain wolf, include eurasian and italian wolf, mackenzie valley wolf or lynx. The lifespan of this creature is. These elegant gray hunters eat rabbits, boars, deer, foxes, domesticated and feral dogs and sometimes domesticated livestock. In the wild, they have strong bonds in a packs of 3 to 7 individuals. There is an alpha male and female, who breed, while the others are required to help in the care of the pups. The litter size average is 9 and these are deaf an blind for the firs 4 weeks of their life. They come out of the den around 6 weeks of age and stay with the pack for several months to years before males venturing out to find and form their own pack. Just before 3 years of age this often occurs and that is when you will see a Lone Wolf searching for territory and a mate, just as the one you see in this fun puzzle game.

Why you should spend time on Jigsaw Puzzles

Putting together a brain stimulating jigsaw puzzle, is not simply reconstructing someone else's piece of art, but it is a form of learning and entertainment that helps to improve short term memory and work both sides of the brain. Constructing a puzzle will increase your spatial abilities. This sort of excercise may help keep your brain younger for longer in your life because working on puzzles and solving them develops your ability to arrange, pay attention to detail, compare, concentrate, and comprehend. They also help children develop coordination, problem solving, and decision making skills. As the puzzle becomes more difficult, a child learns patience and persistence. Jigsaw puzzles are not only fun but this kind of game provides a wonderful source of educational value that perfectly fits together! Playing this free jigsaw puzzle webgame has the same effects on your brain as described above and you may find yourself at a higher intelligence level after playing Iberian Wolf online puzzle.

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