Singing Horses

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Singing Horses Game Online - Play Free Fun Horse Web Games

If you like singing and horses, then you found the flash game you have been dreaming about. You must admit it, it is fun to see and listen to horses that sing in tune. In this simple flash game you just have to click each individual horse to make it sing. Have Fun!

How to Play Singing Horses Game Online

Use your mouse to interact when you play this free online game.

Do horses enjoy listening to singing?

Yes, in fact horses find it calming to listening to someone sing. It is in fact common these days to leave a radio on in the stable. A radio adds noise and make it so your horse doesn't feel alone. Some people say that playing or singing country music for their horses makes them lively. Classical music is also a good music choice. What you do not want to do is to put on some of that gangsta rap or heavy metal music. That kind of noise will inrease their stress level, and make them restless and agressive.

How do Horses Communicate?

According to Horse Experts at, horses do whinny and neigh to communicate. But they don't carry on a conversation the way you as you sometimes see on the TV, with the a constant stream of screams, squeals and nickers. They are relatively quiet animals and much of their communication with each other is in the form of body language. National Geographic have found a new study where it is revealed that a horse's large, highly mobile ears can help tell another horse where to direct its attention, which may help the observing animals locate food and evade predators. Like humans, horses are social animals, but they never sing in real life as the awesome ones you find in the Singing Horses flash game.

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