Lisa and Bandit

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Lisa and Bandit Game Online - Play Free Horse Jumping Games

A wonderful feeling of freedom and individuality are guaranteed when going on a ride into the wide prairie. If you currently are not in possession of a horse at hand and also live in the city, you can now look forward to this free online game. In Lisa and Bandit, you can live through this experience to the fullest. Lisa has decided ride her loyal horse friend with the flattering name Bandit. Despite the expertise, which Lisa and Bandit have been able to cultivate over time, both of them want you to escort them across the prairie and keep them from unforeseen obstacles as much as possible. Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to navigate the two through a graphically magnificently painted scenery. Use the right and left arrow keys to reduce or increase the rate at which Bandit is going. In order to gallop you have to press the arrow key that points up. Use the same key to jump over emerging targets. At the beginning of the long horseback ride, overcoming the obstacles is simple and easy. Over the course of the route, the obstacles become more challenging so that your ability to react will be put to the test because of the immense speeds. At top of the screen, you will see a profile of the track, which starts in the green are (easy difficulty) and then slowly turns red (incredibly difficult). Overall, you have three lives. You lose them with each collusion with an obstacle lying ahead of you that you bump into. When all three lives are used up, you have to start the game again. For each obstacle that you have successfully overcome, you get a predefined number of points during your ride, which you can then publish on the internet. Lisa and Bandit are relying on you! Use your quick reaction speed to their benefit and prove that you are at least as good of a rider as Lisa is. Have Fun!

How to play the free Lisa and Bandit game online

You control Lisa and Bandit by using the arrow keys: left, right, up and down, and with the space bar. The right arrow key increases speed and the left decreases speed. You have full stop and two speeds: walk and gallop. To jump, you have to be galloping, and to duck you have to be walking. Here's how it works: Jump = Gallop + space bar Duck = Walk + arrow down.

How to choose a name for a Horse

In the naming of horses, it is a long tradition for them to have an unusual name. In most cases, the name givers base their decision on the characteristics of the horse or his parents. Therefore, it is only too easy to imagine that a horse's name will rarely be found twice. The most famous horse is "Fury", which celebrated huge successes in a black and white television series during the 50s and 60s. If it is up to you to decide on the name for a horse, this is not an easy task despite the endless possibilities.

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Do you love horses, and do you also like to play fun browser games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Lisa and Bandit game online.

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