Last Cavalry Game

Last Cavalry Game

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Embark on an epic odyssey through the heart of a medieval realm with "The Last Cavalry," a riveting one-tap side-scrolling adventure that beckons you to join a solitary knight and his loyal steed on a quest of legendary proportions. Navigate a treacherous terrain that sprawls with rocky obstacles and gaping chasms, where each leap is a testament to your unyielding determination. As the knight and his majestic horse forge ahead, united by an unbreakable bond, you'll be swept into a world where bravery knows no bounds. Will you guide them to conquer all odds and emerge triumphant, or will their valiant journey come to an untimely end? Dare to test your mettle and discover just how far the spirit of chivalry can carry you in this pulse-pounding adventure. Have fun!

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How to Play Last Cavalry Game

Use your mouse, spacebar or tap the screen to jump.

Fun Knight Facts for Kids

There are many fun facts about knights. The earliest knights were men who protected a lord and his peasants. As part of the feudalistic system, a knight would receive an estate in exchange for his military service. A full suit of plate armor weighed more than 50 pounds, but because the weight was evenly distributed all over the body, armored knights had remarkable mobility. Knights began participating in tournaments in the eleventh century. The purpose of tournaments was originally to train for battle, but since the losers often had to give up their horse and armor to the winner, it became lucrative for some. The church was not in favor of tournaments since many players were injured and killed.