Jumping Horses Champions Game

Jumping Horses Champions Game

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A game that mixes the arcade style with characteristics of simulation. The game brings the experiences and emotions of a show jumping match in an immerse environment. The player can buy horses, which have their own attributes, and participates in challenging events to test its skills. Several features were added for this version. Have fun!

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How to Play Jumping Horses Champions Game

W or Up Arrow key to increase the speed. S or Down Arrow key to decrease the speed. Space for Jump. AD or Left or Right Arrow keys to move the horse.

Jump a series of Barriers within a Certain Time

Show jumping is an equestrian event which requires rider and horse to jump a series of barriers within a certain time. The horse usually goes through a warm up phase of waling for about 30 minutes before competing. The rider has to guide the horse to the barrier and the speed will be determined by the height and breadth of the barrier. The faults may be converted into lost seconds or they may mean automatic disqualification. There can be up to 4 riders on each team during competition. The two worst performers are disqualified in the first round, and then the last two go for the finals; the competitions have only 2 round. One is the qualifier and the last is the final. That said, you can play the game and see if you have the skills to be a competitive show jumping rider. The horse usually takes the lead in jumping, but the rider also plays a significant role in coaxing the horse towards the barrier at the right speed. The Jumporama game has a coach who will always give you humorous hints as to ho you can excel at the game. This free online horse game is a must-play, for those who love show jumping.

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