Oh, My Candy

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Oh, My Candy Game Online - Play Free Hamster Eat Web Games

This little hamster loves candies. You should push them through different puzzles to feed this candy-lover. Have fun!

How to play the free Oh, My Candy game online

Use your mouse to play this game. Move mouse over the "paw" in the beginning of each level. Push candies with the "paw". Feed the hamster. Press "R" to restart level.

What do a Hamster Eat?

According to Pets 4 Homes a hamster's diet consists of dried food, nuts, seeds, vegetables and berries but they are what is called omnivores which means they like to eat meat as well as vegetables. A hamster can store their food in their cheeks as they collect it and then take it to their colonies to eat it all later. The perfect food for Golden hammies is special hamster food, yoghurt and fresh veggies making sure they always have access to fresh clean water.

Can a Hamster eat Candy?

Hamster can't have candy. It will make them sick as well as being bad for your hammy. But for a treat they can eat small milk bones. You can also feed them a little bit of pumpkin pie. Unfortunately candy is too sweet for them to eat and isn't good for them to eat.

Play Oh, My Candy game online for free today

Do you like hamsters, and do you also like to play fun web games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Oh, My Candy game online.

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