Hamster Village Game

Hamster Village Game

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Do you like cute little hamsters? This web game is for players who like little hamsters. Let us build a village for the cute little hamster. You can build farmland, cafes, restaurants, and other practical buildings for hamsters. Invite new hamsters to join this community. There are also funny hamsters dressed up as other animals waiting for you. Have fun!

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How to Play Hamster Village Game

Mouse or tap to play.

Hamsters are Great Nest Builders

Hamsters are avid nest builders and a good supply of nesting material is essential. This will allow them to build a warm secure and comfortable nest in a corner of their enclosure or in a nesting box. The nesting material is what the hamster uses to make herself a soft bed to sleep in. All hamsters are driven by a very strong "Nesting instinct," the Syrian hamster are solitary animals and are more so very protective of their nesting site. The nest plays a very important part of the hamsters environment and is just as important as their food and water. Their nest is a place they associate with safety and security.

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