Lazy Summer

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Lazy Summer Game Online - Play Free Fun Dress Up Web Games

In the middle of the lazy summer, this cute dog enjoys the shade and a cute dress-up session. Have fun!

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Use your mouse to play this free dress up game.

Fun Summer Facts for Kids

According to there are many fun facts about the season of summer. When you think about summer, what comes to mind? The long, hot, sticky days during the summer make it some people's favorite season. For others, thoughts of summer are associated with foods, like ice cream and barbaques. Did you know that the biggest ice cream sundae ever assembled was 12 feet high and made with over 4,500 gallons of ice cream? June 21st is officially considered the first day of summer, and the last day of summer is September 20th. Watermelon is the summer's favorite vegetable, this juicy favorite is 92 percent water and the average American eats 15 pounds of watermelon a year.

What does it mean to be lazy?

Being lazy has a negative connotation, but have you ever stopped to consider why? According to lazy means 'averse to work or exertion'. It can also mean slow-moving, like a river. According to some scientists being lazy now and then is a pathway to happiness, relaxation, and even success. So, if you have had a long day, or you just feel like sitting there doing nothing, do it with pride. Sit wherever you feel the most comfortable, put your feet up, lean back, and enjoy the sensation of doing absolutely nothing.

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Do you love dolphins, and do you also like to play fun online games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Lazy Summer game online.

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