Little Tiger Dress Up Game

Little Tiger Dress Up Game

Little Tiger Dress Up Game Online - Play Free Fun Animal Dress Up Games

Tigers come after lions in wildlife but they are very strong. Let's dress up our cute little animal friend Jiba wants your help for a different look. Simply choose the kind of outlook you like for Jiba and make the little tiger look good. Let's dress it up very noble. Have fun!

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How to Play Little Tiger Dress Up Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to interact.

Fun Facts about Baby Tigers

According to there are many fun facts about those cute baby tigers. The tiger, or Pantheri tigris, is a large cat native to parts of Asia, India and Russia. Fully grown, tigers can weigh over 300 pounds and measure over 12 feet in length. Tigers can live for approximately 15 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity. Female tigers give birth about once every two years. Baby tigers are called "cubs". Cubs weigh approximately two pounds when they are born. They are blind and utterly dependent on their mother for food and protection. After the tiger cubs are born, the mother tiger eats the umbilical cord, placenta and embryonic sac. She cleans the cub by licking it with her rough tongue. The cubs then try to locate a teat in order to nurse. The cubs nurse their mother until they are about 24 weeks old. Then, the female tiger begins to bring the cubs prey to eat such as buffalo, wild pigs, deer or other animals. The cubs cannot hunt on their own until they are approximately one and a half years old.

Animal Dress Up Games are Cute and Popular

Animal Dress Up Games has been a new popular trend over the last few years, they are free web games that let's you put on clothes on your favorite animals. The animals models are waiting for you to get them dressed in latest styles and trends. Some fashion trends come and go while others are always with us, like denim and basic colors like black and white. So, why should you dress up? Because fashion is method of self expression, and you deserve to look at your best at all time. In real life animals are cute enough as they are and don't need clothes, but some love to play with you and wouldn't mind the extra attention of you putting on them some cute clothes. Whether they want it or not in real life, our virtual animals in our fun Internet games always enjoy getting dressed by you. So, have fun!

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