Happy Koala Game

Happy Koala Game

Happy Koala Game Online - Play Free Fun Animal Dress Up Games

In this cute animal makeover game you have to take care of a fluffy koala. Clean its fur and feed it with its favorite snack to make it happy again. Afterwards, you can customize your little buddy and create your favorite fantasy koala. Color its fur and choose between various options for its face. Select a beautiful dress for a party with its friends and decorate the forest. Look how happy the baby mammal is. Have fun!

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How to Play Happy Koala Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to interact.

What is a Koala Bear

A Koala Bear is also called (Austral). The animal is a native bear a slow-moving Australian arboreal marsupial, Phascolarctus cinereus. The Koala have dense greyish fur and feeding on eucalyptus leaves and bark. Although the koala is not a bear, English-speaking settlers from the late 18th century first called it koala bear due to its similarity in appearance to bears. The koala is similar in appearance to the wombat, but has thicker coat, larger ears, and longer limbs.