Crazy Dog Racing Simulator Game

Crazy Dog Racing Simulator Game

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Crazy Dog Racing Simulator has multiple modes for your endless fun that modes including; quick race, tournament, dog vs tiger and dog vs horse racing modes. Start one mode quick race in which greyhound dog will race against other dogs and your goal get the first position in race. The Crazy Dog Racing Simulator offers mind-blowing exciting challenging 3D environment with spectacular sound effects. Have fun!

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How to Play Crazy Dog Racing Simulator Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen. First, choose your favorite dogs between multiple dogs. Second, enjoy an amazing intuitive and realistic physics game-play with a lovely smooth onscreen buttons control. Super fun of four different modes for maximum thrill.

What do racing dogs do?

Dog racing, also called greyhound racing, the racing of greyhounds around an enclosed track in pursuit of an electrically controlled and propelled mechanical hare (rabbit). Dog racing is a 20th-century outgrowth of the older sport of coursing, in which dogs hunted by sight rather than scent. In England there are normally eight races to a meeting. The National Greyhound Racing Club (founded 1928), the governing body, established race distances for flat and hurdle races from 230 to 1,200 yards. In the United States, dog racing started in California, but the sport had spread as far east as Florida by the mid-1920s. It eventually became a popular pastime in many states. However, in the late 20th century, efforts began to end dog racing over concerns about the animals' welfare. In the 1990s, states started banning the sport, and, by the early 21st century, only a handful of states continued to hold dog races.

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