Dinosaur Hunter

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Dinosaur Hunter Game Online - Play Free Fun Dinosaurs Hunting Games

Dinosaurs are on the loose and want their eggs back! Unfortunately, you have to make a delivery to the dinosaur park! Deliver your goods without getting attacked. Have fun!

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Do you think dinosaurs are fun, and do you also like to play free online games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Dinosaur Hunter game online.

How to play the free Dinosaur Hunter game online

Use the arrow keys to drive and the mouse to shoot.

Fun Dinosaur Facts you should know

According to AnimalPetGames.com there are many dinosaur facts you should know about. Fossils and modern technology have helped us piece together what dinosaurs may have looked like and even how they might have behaved. Dinosaurs were around for millions of years. During that time they changed to suit their environment and conditions. Horns, plates, thorns, spines, long necks, claws, each of these served a purpose for that dinosaur. The longest dinosaur was the Amphicoelias, based on fossils it is estimated that this Sauropod measured over 190 feet long. A paleontologist is someone who studies dinosaurs. Most palaeontologists believe that birds are the only surviving dinosaurs. So dinosaurs aren't really extinct because their descendants are still living.

Fun Hunting Facts

According to InternetGames365.com there are a lof of fun facts to learn about hunting. Hunting is a year round sport, which means you could be out in the wilderness every day of the year chasing your prey as long as you purchase the appropriate license and have the necessary equipment handy. According to Game and Fish Magazine when you hunting in the high desert you can either use a gun or bow and arrow. If you enjoy to sniff the dry desert air, desert hunting might be just the right thing for you. One of the real advantages of hunting the high desert is the abundance of public land. Locating animals is less of a challenge in open country simply because such a large area can be seen from a given vantage point, and there is less cover for critters to hide in.

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