DinoKids Archery

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DinoKids Archery Game Online - Play Free Fun DinoKids Web Games

DinoKids Archery is simple and fun mini game. With a cute dinosaur character you can shoot an arrow and compete the score. Have fun!

Play DinoKids Archery game online for free today

Do you think dinosaurs are fun, and do you also like to play free web games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free DinoKids Archery game online.

How to play the free DinoKids Archery game online

Use the arrow keys to angle and the spacebar to shoot.

Fun Archery Facts for Kids

According to kallikids.com there are many fun facts about archery for kids. The first recorded use of the bow and arrow was in Germany around 10,000 BC. Many ancient armies used archers to try and reduce the numbers of the enemy before the swordsmen started battle. Even after firearms had been invented, many armies still preferred to use bows and arrows. Archery is the national sport of Bhutan, with a archery range in most villages. Archery has been in the Olympics on-and-off since 1900. Nowadays there are four Olympic events. Arrows were traditionally made of wood, but are these days usually made of carbon fibre.

DinoKids use to be Popular Virtual Community

Dinokids used to be a popular online community also known as a virtual world for kids. It was an online environment of imaginary and adventurous destinations where children can safely hang out, have fun, and make their world a better place. It was free to play an anyone could sign up at no cost. First you select your Dino name, and creat your own unique Dino avatar.After creating your Dino character, you could hang around the world of DinoKids, engaging in a variety of fun and imaginative activities. You could meet and chat, send messages, use emotes (emotion icons) with your inline friends. You could also play interesting mini games, complete daily eco-friendly missions, and earn eggs which could be used to buy clothing and accessories or furniture for your house. Dinokids presented some educative games that the world have never experienced before. Parents were provided with have easy-to-use tools to guide your child's online experience. DinoKids was created by Avocado Entertainment Inc. Which was established by veteran online gaming product managers, web programmers and designers from Yahoo! Korea. Their staff were highly experienced experts in online gaming and Web.

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