Kittens Love

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Kittens Love Game Online - Play Free Cats Kissing Web Game

These cute kittens are in love and they want to spend some time together. You need to help these lovely pets to kiss each other without being caught by other animals. There many cute animals and fun places for kissing, inside, outside the house, in the forrest, and they are even kissing in the park. Have fun!

Play Kittens Love game online for free today

Are cats your favorite animal, do you think kittens are cute, and do you also like to play fun browser games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Kittens Love game online.

How to play the free Kittens Love game online

Click and hold the couple to start kissing and release to stop kissing when somebody looks on them. You have only 3 lives for each level. Play through 4 levels and have fun.

Do Kittens really show love by kissing?

To other cats, love and friendship is shown by play, licking or grooming each other, and laying closely next to or even somewhat upon each other. To their human owners, cats have been known to kiss with their eyes, because the cat eye is so expressive that feelings are shown through them. Other ways that they kiss thier human is through a nose kiss, playfully rubbing up against you, giving you a gentle nip, purring, staring, sleeping on you, bringing you something dead for fun, and even urinating on you! No matter the signal, all kittens love to cuddle and if they do this, then they must love you and probaly even adore you.

Play Kittens Love online & Find yourself wishing you had a tabby to snuggle

Cats can be wild and crazy and so are the cats in free and fun online game. Being frisky, euphoric, instinctive and independent are results of playing, so play for free to keep your mind on loving your cat. This webgame is full of affection and devotedness, so you may find yourself wishing you had a tabby to snuggle after playing Kittens Love online.

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