Crazy Cats

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Crazy Cats Game Online - Play Free Crazy Cats Web Game

Will there finally be a victory in the on-going war between cats and dogs? This is no LOL-ing matter, help defeat the dogs in this fun and cute physics web game! Have fun!

Play Crazy Cats game online for free today

Are cats your favorite animal, do you think kittens are cute, and do you also like to play fun browser games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Crazy Cats game online.

How to play the free Crazy Cats game online

Use your mouse. Click,drag and release to launch the cats. Get rid of all the dogs to complete a level.

Why are cats crazy for catnip?

It is a minty herb that contains the chemical nepetalactone that is released when the catnip is ground or crushed. After playing with catnip, cats may be seen dancing, talking, or acting notoriously funny. These krazy kats may also be considered angry or mean cats, but no matter the result, you will be lol at your cat! Bizarre, extremely playful behavior is normally a direct result of being exposed to the substance for some kitty cats, while for some other felines, although rare, there is no fun effect.

Crazy Facts About Cats

The cats can purr at a frequency equivalent to that of a diesel engine. This means around 26 purrs per second. Usually the purring indicates gratification but it can also refer to being in pain. A cat usually has five toes on its front paw and four on its back. But Polydactyl cats have six toes on the front paw. Cats file their nails by removing the outer layer through scratching but Polydactyl cats can't do so which makes them more prone to nail infections. According to behavior experts, felines may experience anxiety when separated from the person they like. That's the reason cats become demanding and sometimes pee on your clothes or even lose weight. Cats are lactose intolerant i.e. they can't tolerate the sugar in the milk. Although the kittens can take small amounts of milk, adult cats can't. Thus milk intake can cause in them diarrhea and vomiting. Cigarette smoke can give them an allergic reaction. Passive smoking can make the them more prone to malignant lymphona i.e. cancer.

Cats like to sleep

Most domesticated felines sleep between 12 and 20 hours per day, but not the krazy cats in this free and fun online game. Being frisky, euphoric, instinctive and independent are results of playing, so play for free to keep you lol and your cat funny. Because of the concentration of movement that this webgame requires, you may find yourself physically and mentally stimulated after playing Crazy Cats online game.

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