Cats in Candyland

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Cats in Candyland Game Online - Play Free Candy Cats Web Game

Welcome to Candy Land, it is the world of sweet happiness. Everybody loves staying here except cats. They don't like candies, they prefer a different food. Feed the cats with their favorite meal to make them look like balloons and fly away to home. This is a funny physics game from Every cat prefers only one type of the food. Select the proper type of the food by the mouse in the lower left corner of the screen. After that, use the cannon to throw it to cat. Draw attention, you have limited inventory of provisions so you have to be accurate. Have fun!

Play Cats in Candyland game online for free today

Are cats your favorite animal, do you think kittens are cute, and do you also like to play fun browser games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Cats in Candyland game online.

How to play the free Cats in Candyland game online

Shoot with left mouse button.

Do Cats love or hate Candy?

The truth of the matter is that your quirky feline creature is not equipped with the ability to taste sweetness. That may be a kitty fact, but many kittens are known to love licking peppermint sticks, while other house cats can be found devouring cotton candy. Some kitties have been found stealing the halloween candy and other sweeties have jumped up on the counter and started to munch on the freshly baked, birthday cake. There are even some kitty cats, although rare, to be very snobbish when it comes to candy and will not touch it. An explanation is that felines are curious and attracted to all sorts of objects and are likely to be eating the above not only for attention from you, but also because of the various fun textures they offer as play on their tongue.

Most Cats sleep between 12 and 20 hours per day

Most domesticated felines sleep between 12 and 20 hours per day, but not the candyland loving cats in this free and fun online game. Being frisky, euphoric, instinctive and independent are results of playing, so play for free to keep you energetica and your cat hyper. Because of the concentration of movement that this webgame requires, you may find yourself physically and mentally sugared up after playing Cats in Candyland online.

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