Save the Kitten Game

Save the Kitten Game

Save the Kitten Game Online - Play Free Fun Cat Web Games

Angry cat Tom lured the kittens to his tower. Rescue as many kittens as you can. Run, beat them off with a trampoline and carry them to the basket of mommy kitty. Kittens really hope for your help. Who will save them if not you? Have fun!

10,750 play times

How to Play Save the Kitten Game

Tap left and right arrows to run and double tap to turn.

Do Cats love or hate Candy?

The truth of the matter is that your quirky feline creature is not equipped with the ability to taste sweetness. That may be a kitty fact, but many kittens are known to love licking peppermint sticks, while other house cats can be found devouring cotton candy. Some kitties have been found stealing the halloween candy and other sweeties have jumped up on the counter and started to munch on the freshly baked, birthday cake. There are even some kitty cats, although rare, to be very snobbish when it comes to candy and will not touch it. An explanation is that felines are curious and attracted to all sorts of objects and are likely to be eating the above not only for attention from you, but also because of the various fun textures they offer as play on their tongue.

Save the Kitten Game Walkthrough: