Freefalling Tom Game

Freefalling Tom Game

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Geronimo! Tom is plummeting to earth from quite a height. Help break his fall by collecting feathers to flap with, keeping him in the air for as long as possible. Balloons and umbrellas will help his cause but naturally there's a lot of nasty stuff to watch out for: missiles, rockets, stormy clouds and a variety of birds. See how many feathers you can collect before you hit the ground. What's your high score? Have fun!

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How to Play Freefalling Tom Game

Use the left and right arrows to move.

Fun Facts about the Tom and Jerry Show

According to Kidz World there are many fun facts to learn about the Tom and Jerry show. Everyone should be familar with the fun filled cartoon series about a stubborn cat, Tom and a mischievous mouse named, Jerry. No traps, tricks, flying pans or blocks will ever stop them to fight against each other. Tom and Jerry were created by animation duo Hanna-Barbera. Tom and Jerry has won seven Academy Awards. Tom and Jerry almost never speak in the classic episodes but are voiced in Tom and Jerry Tales, which debuted in 2005 on Kids' WB. Traditionally, music plays a very important part in Tom and Jerry shorts–since Tom and Jerry almost never speak–effectively emphasizing the action, adding emotion to the scenes, and filling in for traditional sound effects. Most of the dialogue from Tom and Jerry are high-pitched laughs and gasping creams, which are thoughtfully provided via a horn or other musical instrument.